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Facebook versus MySpace. The Toyota Prius versus the Civic Hybrid. IPod versus Creative Zen. Eurostar versus British Air.

Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It (Crown Business) goes on sale Oct. 4, 2011

In each of these pairings, and many others, consumers disproportionately demand one seemingly comparable product over another — not by a few percentage points, but by a factor of six or even ten to one. Why? What makes demand differ so dramatically when the underlying goods appear so similar?

In Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It, Adrian Slywotzky, bestselling author and senior partner at Oliver Wyman, sets out to answer this question and show how and why explosive demand actually happens — even in tough economies.

Offering a groundbreaking framework of seven “demand levers” employed by those who have aced the demand creation formula, Slywotzky illustrates his argument via engaging narratives of clever companies that got it right, including Amazon, Zipcar, Nespresso, Netflix, and many others.

The book pulls back the curtain on how demand creators wind up creating the killer offer — things customers can’t resist and competitors can’t copy.?

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About Adrian Slywotzky

Adrian Slywotzky is a Partner of Oliver Wyman, a leading global management consulting firm. Since 1979, he has consulted to Fortune 500 companies from a broad cross-section of industries, working extensively at the CEO and senior executive level for major corporations on issues related to new business development and creating new areas of value growth.

Adrian has written several books on strategy and growth, including Value Migration, The Profit Zone, and The Upside. BusinessWeek named The Profit Zone one of its Top 10 Business Books of 1998. The Upside was on the Financial Times list of Best Business Books of 2007.

Adrian has been a keynote speaker at a number of senior executive conferences, including the Microsoft CEO Summit, the Forbes, Fortune, and BusinessWeek CEO Conferences, and CFO Magazine and Conference Board conferences. The Times of London has named Adrian one of the top 50 business thinkers, and Industry Week has named him one of the six most influential management thinkers. He holds degrees from Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Business School.

About Karl Weber

Karl Weber is a writer specializing in business, politics, and social issues. He has collaborated with Adrian Slywotzky on four previous books, including The Upside and How Digital Is Your Business? Karl has also collaborated with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and author of Creating a World Without Poverty, and he edited the best-selling movie companion books Food Inc. and Waiting for “Superman.” He lives with his wife Mary-Jo Weber in Irvington, N.Y.

About the Demand Blog Team

The Demand Blog Team is a rotating group of consultants from Oliver Wyman who work closely with Adrian Slywotzky to investigate the nature of demand — what it looks like, how it happens, and what can be done to create it.

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